Since 1987, gamers have been kicking each other out with “Street Fighter” virtually, fighters like Ryu, Blanka, Guile, Chun Li, Zangief or Bison have long been part of pop culture, with appearances in other games or films. Now, a good 35 years later, developer Capcom is entering the next round with “Street Fighter 6”. Although the latest brawler is only planned for 2023, COMPUTER BILD was allowed to climb into the virtual ring in advance in an exclusive preview.
street fighter 6
Ready for a little dance in the arena? COMPUTER BILD was given the opportunity to try out “Street Fighter 6” well before its release.

Another small grid

For the exclusive presentation in the COMPUTER BILD editorial office in Hamburg, Capcom’s Marketing Manager Claas Wolter brought his own PlayStation 5 with him. Logical: Everything is still top secret and in development. Don’t take any chances. Due to the very early stage of development, only four characters were available for the small test session of “Street Fighter 6″: the almost legendary Ryu and Chun-Li as well as Luke, whom players loyal to the brand already know from ” Street Fighter 5 “. What is new, however, is Jamie, who likes to take a deep drink for his dancing fighting style, reminiscent of “Drunken Master” like Brad Wong from “Dead or Alive” or Lei Wulong from “Tekken”.Summer Game Fest 2022 announced on June 9, 2022.
street fighter 6
New fighter Jamie fights with liquor bottles and dance moves.
Of course, all characters have a deep move set with their own special features. Ryu without his Hadoken or Chun-Li without her Lightning Kick? Unthinkable! What is new is the so-called drive bar, which enables particularly strong and very colorful attacks, defenses or counterattacks. Ideal, for example, to get out of a corner when the opponent shows no mercy. However: if the bar is empty, these options are not available. That’s why tactical deployments are important. For exciting fights, Capcom has other special features in its luggage that both beginners and professionals can duel with.
street fighter 6
Chun-Li’s quick leg kicks have driven many an opponent to despair.

No open world yet, but chic arenas

In the announcement video for “Street Fighter 6”, Capcom showed a freely accessible world that should serve as a playground for a kind of story mode. Not much is known about it – even at the on-site meeting, Capcom was covered. There were two arenas to marvel at for the fistfight: Metro City Downtown and the Genbu Temple.
Metro City Downtown is a dirty alley with seedy onlookers, broken pavement, discarded vehicles and neon lights. The Genbu Temple, on the other hand, is a retreat with the eponymous temple, a lake with gates (torii) and cherry trees in bloom. Visually, the surroundings make a lot. However, this applies to all the content shown so far, which graphically offers many nice details and looks great.
street fighter 6
Capcom’s Marketing Manager Claas Wolter (right) had Udett and Jan from the Games Weekly crew compete in “Street Fighter 6”.

Street Fighter 6: Preview Conclusion

It is of course too early for a correct conclusion at this point. “Street Fighter 6” is far from being published and there is still too little content available. It also remains to be seen whether Capcom will maintain its questionable DLC policy and only offer many fighters for extra money. However: The content shown and the rounds that COMPUTER BILD was able to play were not pre-rendered material or particularly chic press photos – so window dressing was not possible. And for the early status of the version you have to say: It looks really good! The arenas and characters are chic and play really well, the colorful comic effects fit. Whether the innovations and changes to the combat system will also pick up old hands and the professional “Street Fighter” scene, The same applies to the teased story in the open game world.impression: good .