Anyone who throws on the gaming PC these days cannot avoid a decent cooling system. Summer is here and flexing your muscles, the temperatures sometimes climb to tropical levels. If you’ve got your kitty ready for even the hottest gaming sessions, you should definitely make a beeline for the Epic Games Store. There, like every week, there is a new set of free games. Instead of the usual one or two free titles, three gaming gifts await from June 30th to July 7th, 2022.
They primarily appeal to role-playing fans with a penchant for fantastic worlds, with action not neglected either. In ” Geneforge 1 – Mutagen “, which is graphically rather simple, you breed your own mutant monsters as a magician. With their help, you gradually conquer the open game world and plunge into tricky challenges. The title from developer Spiderweb Software usually costs 15.99 USD and is said to offer a high replay value.

Homemade robberies and undead

Free game number 2 is visually much more opulent and playfully action-packed. ” Hood: Outlaws & Legends ” transports you to a medieval fantasy setting. In the you face off against rival gangs together with other online players and carry out robberies together. Two teams of four enter the battlefield and fight against computer-controlled guards in order to land the perfect coup for their own team. The game, developed by Sumo Digital, normally costs 19.99 USD.
If all of that isn’t enough of a challenge, grab the third free game. ” Iratus: Lord of the Dead ” is a dark rougelike role-playing game with an emphasis on turn-based tactics. Assuming the role of the eponymous necromancer Iratus, you command an army of undead that you patch together from the body parts of slain enemies. Their goal: the conquest of the surface world and the subjugation of mortals. The game, published by Daedalic Entertainment and developed by Unfrozen, costs 29.99 USD. This week you can secure games with a total value of almost 66 USD for free.