The Nintendo Switch app for mobile phones has been available since 2017. It complements the repertoire of the switch. Because if you want to use the online functionality to the full extent, you need the smartphone app in addition to the paid subscription to the Switch Online premium service. For example, voice chat (conversations with friends during the game) is only available there, it is not offered on the console itself. In March 2022, Nintendo released update 2.0 for the iOS and Android apps. The Japanese manufacturer of video games and game consoles has now announced that at least iOS 14 must be used as the operating system.

Nintendo app: In future only from iOS 14

Previously, you needed iOS 12 or later to use the Nintendo Switch Online app. That will change soon. According to Nintendo ‘s website , Nintendo plans to update the app for iOS around summer 2022. Specifically, they say: “Please note that the app is no longer available on devices with iOS version 13 or earlier.” If you don’t have a very old ham as a mobile phone, you shouldn’t have any problems using Nintendo Switch Online. After all, Apple distributed the iOS 14 operating system to iPhones up to the iPhone 6s – from 2015, mind you.

Download Nintendo Switch Online for free

Voice chat can then continue to be used on devices with iOS 14. It is available for game titles such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Party, and Splatoon 2. The use of voice chat depends on the game and the selected mode. Practical: If you split up into teams in “Splatoon 2”, only use the voice chat with your team members after the appropriate setting. The other team does not hear what strategy you are discussing. With the Switch Online app it is possible to see the online status of friends and what they are currently playing. Download the Switch Online app for free from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store .