Papaplatte, Dhalucard, Varion and rewinside are the names of the four well-known gaming streamers who have tens of thousands, sometimes even over a million followers on Twitch. Block by block, walkable and tangible, full of mini-games and little adventures, they built O2’s “every home” in the popular construction and discovery game Minecraft. With “Every home”, O2 represents the typical cross-section of German apartments in a building – and is thus advertising its own fixed-line products, which can be tailored to different needs. This is how a crazy high-rise was created, which the Minecraft community can now explore virtually.

Play Minecraft and win consoles

After two and a half hours of construction work in the live stream on Twitch, the Minecraft server was opened to the community. Anyone who completed the course in the Minecraft world quickly had the chance to win numerous prizes – such as a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. A total of 270,000 viewers watched the almost four-hour live stream, around 850 of them played through the course and took part participate in the sweepstakes.

The high-rise door will be open until the end of April

There is nothing left to win, but the “Every Home” course can still be played until the end of April, regardless of the live event. If you feel like it, you can discover the huge, winding and architecturally more than interesting high-rise building on your own.