That “GTA 6” is coming is no longer a secret. Developer Rockstar Games officially confirmed work on the game in early February 2022 . So far, however, there are no details. In particular, the question of the location is burning under the nails of gamers. But there may already be an answer. If a current rumor is true, the solution to the riddle is in the game collection “ GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition ” that will be released in 2021. In the open game world of the “GTA: San Andreas” included in the title, gamers discovered an image some time ago, behind which they suspected a reference to the next “Grand Theft Auto” offshoot.
It hangs in the little bar Lil’ Probe Inn and shows a nondescript suburban house with a garage and two palm trees in the garden. Next to it is a whole collection of other pictures that show all the scenes from past “GTA” games. Only the photo in question cannot be assigned to any other title. That recently approached speculation that it could come from “GTA 6”. It wouldn’t be the first time Rockstar Games has hidden hints about upcoming games in other titles. And this time, too, there seems to be something to the assumption.

Insider confirmed: Image comes from GTA 6

At least that’s what Twitter user Matheusbr9895_ claims in a recent post . The Spanish-speaking network user pretends to be a rock star insider on the short message service and has been spreading rumors about “GTA 6” for some time. Now he claims to have received confirmation from inside sources that the enigmatic image from “GTA: San Andreas” actually shows a screenshot from “GTA 6”. His informant also told him where the pictured house is: Hollywood. However, not in the Californian film metropolis, which was already the inspiration for “GTA 5”, but in a suburb of the same name in Florida.
If this statement is true, speculation about a Vice City setting that fans have long suspected would be confirmed. Vice City is based on Miami in Florida and has already been the setting for several “GTA” offshoots. But it’s probably not the only location in “GTA 6”: In previous posts, Matheusbr9895_ explained that Chicago-based Carcer City and a replica of the island of Cuba also appear in the game. According to the insider, the protagonists of “GTA 6” are siblings who are separated in the prologue and travel to different parts of the world. It is currently not possible to check how much of the information provided by the informative Twitter user is.