In 2009, a flock of crazy birds captured the hearts of smartphone gamers. Finnish developer Rovio landed a worldwide hit with the skill game “Angry Birds” and triggered a pop culture phenomenon that still bears fruit today. Numerous other games, film adaptations and masses of merchandise all about the angry flappers followed. However, the joy of the many sequels was clouded by increasingly penetrating monetization measures. In addition to advertisements, it was mainly in-app purchases for additional content that took the fun out of many fans. Now Rovio is making a surprising about-face.

Angry Birds Remaster for a one-time price

As the company recently announced , a remaster of the first “Angry Birds” is now available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store . Instead of financing the game through advertising and in-app purchases, as usual, Rovio is offering the classic title for a one-off price of EUR 0.99 – without a catch or a false bottom. The scope of the title corresponds to the status of the original in 2012 with various additional levels and extras. Rovio removed the game from the app stores in 2019. Since then, fans have repeatedly asked for the title to be brought back under the hashtag #BringBack2012.

From scratch and yet everything is the same

This wish has now been granted to the supporters. According to Rovio, the game was developed from scratch based on the Unity engine in order to ensure permanent compatibility with all common devices. At the same time, meticulous care was taken to ensure that the feel and look of the original remain untouched. So if you want to relive the good old days of the early days of “Angry Birds”, you can do so now without restrictions. However, it is not the first remaster of the game: Rovio had already reissued the title with “Angry Birds Reloaded” in a revised form in 2021 – but exclusively for Apple Arcade .