While the Xbox Series X is now regularly appearing on the shelves of various retailers , the PlayStation 5 is still conspicuous by its absence most of the time. Since the console was launched in November 2020, the scarce availability has hardly improved. But there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Media analyst and industry insider Millie Amand, known for her accurate predictions, predicts potentially rosy times for PS5 fans in the coming months.
As she recently announced via Twitter , the Sony supplier Foxconn has significantly increased its production capacities for the PlayStation 5 for the months of October, November and December 2022. This fits with earlier information, according to which Sony wants to drastically improve the supply situation for the coming Christmas. So far there has not been any official confirmation that this will work, but a corresponding increase in capacity in the traditionally high-consumption fourth quarter of the year would definitely make sense.

Sony is probably preparing a state-of-play showcase

According to Amand, Sony is also increasingly contacting game developers these days to inquire about presentable promotional material for upcoming products. According to the expert, this has always been a sure sign in recent years that the manufacturer is preparing a new state-of-play presentation. This makes fans sit up and take notice, because Sony usually gives a comprehensive preview of upcoming and sometimes unannounced games during these shows.
Amand also assumes that the announcement of new games is also an indication that Sony is stocking up on its hardware. However, the analyst does not name a possible time window for the next state of play. The most recent event in the series took place in June 2022 and focused primarily on third-party games.