Spring is here – not only in theory, in terms of the calendar or meteorology, but in real life, outside the window. The warming rays of the sun and the blue skies are making it increasingly difficult to justify long gaming sessions in front of the PC. If you still want to occasionally hit the keys between relaxing walks in the fresh air and doing some gardening, then playing short casual games is a good idea. Practical: There will be one like this in the Epic Games Store soon.
From March 24th to 31st, 2022, the online shop will lure its customers with the next free game. Then the horror adventure ” In Sound Mind ” , which is currently still available for free, gives way to the much more action-packed ” Demon’s Tilt “. This relies on demonic monsters, which you tackle with silver bullets. What sounds like a sinister shooter, however, is something else entirely. In fact, “Demon’s Tilt” is a virtual pinball machine.

More than a simple pinball table

Sounds like standard fare at first, but in the game you don’t just catapult your balls over a conventional pinball table. Instead, let off steam on a huge play area that extends over three levels. There are not only sinister villains lurking there, but also hellish final bosses and numerous secrets that need to be revealed. The game is peppered with borrowings from the shoot’em up genre and elements of a hack & slash adventure.
The dark theme does the rest to keep boredom out of this fast-paced high score hunt. The game is the ideal filler for breaks and can be played for a few minutes with a clear conscience, even on sunny days. The regular price for “Demon’s Tilt” is 16.79 USD. So don’t ignore the title. All you need to get the free game is a free account on the Epic Games Store.